Dr Shivam Dang

Breast Reconstruction Surgery (Breast Rebuilding Surgery)


Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild the breasts after procedures like mastectomy (surgery to remove breast tissue). 

There are several types of breast reconstruction surgeries. Some techniques use implants, while some procedures require tissue from your body (like belly) to form a breast. 

Breast reconstruction can be performed right after a mastectomy or even later. You may need multiple procedures over a period of several months.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast reconstruction helps you feel more comfortable and confident about how you look after a mastectomy procedure.
  • A reconstructed breast will not match the look or feel (sensation) of your natural breast; however, this area of plastic surgery continues to improve over time.

Your doctor would suggest the best type of breast reconstruction that is right for you

Types of Breast Reconstruction:

  • Breast implants (filled with saline or silicone)
  • Natural tissue flaps (uses skin, fat, and muscle from your own body)

Not every reconstruction method works great for everyone. You could be a good candidate for one breast reconstruction method but not another, based on your medical history. 

Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • Breast reconstruction occurs after a lumpectomy or mastectomy or. If you have breast cancer, you would also require a chemotherapy or radiation before breast reconstruction surgery. 
  • Initially, your surgeon will perform a thorough examination, measures and takes photographs of your breasts. 
  • Talk to your surgeon about your health status, medications, and any about your past surgeries. Your surgeon may ask you to discontinue certain medicines before the procedure.

During Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • Breast reconstruction surgery is performed under anesthesia, so you will not experience any pain or discomfort.
  • If you are undergoing implant reconstruction, your surgeon will place the implant in your chest. 
  • If you are undergoing a flap procedure, your surgeon will take tissue from one part of your body and use it for placing the new breast.
  • During surgery, your surgeon inserts a drain, that is a thin tube under your skin. The tube helps in the drainage of fluid and blood as you recover. Your surgeon will remove the tubes when you don’t need them.

After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • You will have to stay up to a week in the hospital after the surgery
  • You must wear a surgical bra that aids in support and healing and reduces swelling
  • You must take OTC pain medications to alleviate pain
  • Avoid lifting weights and exercising

If you underwent breast reconstruction for one breast, regular follow-ups, and mammograms on the other breast to evaluate for cancer is helpful.